Welcome to DeShon Gales Photography, an integral entity within DG Creative Studio, dedicated to fulfilling a diverse range of photographic needs. Based in the vibrant heart of Washington, District of Columbia, I have passionately pursued the art of photography since 2006.
As a proud participant in the 2023 Creator Series hosted by Sal Cincotta, I've honed my skills and embraced the evolving landscape of visual storytelling. Specializing in portrait and events photography, I bring a unique perspective to each project, capturing the essence of moments with creativity and precision.
My portfolio extends beyond conventional boundaries, having contributed to the visual aesthetics of book covers and collaborated with music artists to enhance their CD art. DeShon Gales Photography is more than a service; it's an embodiment of the artistic vision and dedication that defines DG Creative Studio.
Join me on a visual journey where every frame tells a story, and let's create lasting memories together.
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